A natural philosopher, looking for deep insight into the natural world.

Scientific Intuition: When you encounter something you’ve never seen before – a new natural phenomenon, a new kind of creature, or something similar – you may roll to make an intuitive leap and connect it with things you are familiar with. This gives you one piece of useful, non-obvious information about the phenomenon. You also get a point of Insight, labeled with the observation that you made.

Dice: [INT + SPI] Target: GM

Synthesis: You can put together 3 points of Insight into a theory about a specific phenomenon or species. Write the theory down on your character sheet. You lose the points of Insight, and from then on, you get +1 to rolls related to the subject that your theory could help you with. Theory bonuses do not stack.

You can put together 10 points of Insight into a single major piece of insight about the setting: you understand how to build something, you understand why the sickness is happening, you realize how to learn an important secret of the setting…


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