Petra Tenn

Neophyte Animal-Tamer, Herb-Gathering Weirdo


Petra Tenn, 23

Animal Handler
(Farmer, Technical)

STR: 6
DEX: 6
INT: 10
SPI: 4

HP: 15
MP: 8
CC: 16

Weapon: Balisword (Folding Light Blade)
Personal item: Silver ring on a steel chain (an heirloom from her mother)

Thanks to your healthy lifestyle, your body is sturdy, and you are in tune with its natural rhythm. You are naturally resistant to ill effects and can carry more items.

Skill Effect:
+1 bonus to Condition Checks. +3 bonus to Carrying Capacity

Animal Owner
You have learned how to raise animals that will help you carry your goods. Normally, only one animal can be taken on a Journey for free (without paying their daily food and water costs). With this skill, you can keep more animals without incurring their food and water costs. The animal rules are explained in detail in the Items section.

Skill Effect:
You can keep 2 more animals for a total of 3 without paying for their food and water.

Side Job: Nightgrass Gathering (Herb Gathering)
You know where to find potent Healing Herbs. Once each morning, when you succeed on this Skill Check, you can explore the wilderness to obtain a Healing Herb. The Healing Herb obtained depends on the current terrain. See the Healing Herb list in the Item Section for more information. Healing Herbs are only good for one day, unless you use a disposable herb bottle to keep it fresh for up to a week.

Nightgrass Gathering:
Every herb gathered commits +2 to Condition in addition to its normal effect.
(Skill upgrade learned by way off one of Mom’s Books.)

Skill Effect:
Find a single Healing Herb. Critical: Find 3 Healing Herbs. Fumble: Afflicted with [Poison: 6]

Usable Circumstances Stat Used TN
--- --
Once each morning, [STR + INT] Topography
before the Travel check



Balisword (Folding Light Blade) (gratis)
Clothes (sz 3) (50G)
Uncool Cap (an ugly toque in her colour) (sz 1) (120G x 0.8 = 96)


Large Backpack (storage 10, sz 5) (40G)
– Sleeping Bag (sz 1) (40G)
– Wooden Utensils (sz 1) (10G)
– Herb Bottle (unopened, sz 3) (100G)
-2xDisgusting Rations (sz 1 ea.) (5G ea.)
-1xRations (sz 1 ea.) (10G ea.)
– Soap (sz 1) (5G)

Travel bag (storage 3, sz 1) (10G)
– Waterskin (sz 1) (30G)
-1xRations (sz 1 ea.) (10G ea.)
– Quill Pen, 4 leather pages (sz 1 when together) (2G ea.)

(Party kit) (800G x 1/3)

Carrying Capacity: 6/15

“Cosmo” (Baby Keythong, Not-Yet-Rideable) (300G)

1000G – (266 + 300 + 215 + 60 + 50 + 96) = 13G NOW I CAN RETIRE.


A somewhat chubby, silver-haired girl of twenty-three years, Petra has mild expressions and a quiet, aloof disposition. Her skin has has a noticeable grey-tan tint to it; a product of her father’s Hill Country blood. She has a few scars on her arms and shoulders— artifacts from her daily routine. She has calm, searching eyes that give an unsettling, unintentionally steely chill to them when met in conversation (a challenge seldom overcome). She is not considered, in any conventional sense, unattractive, but her lineage and appearance tend to create controversy, especially among the chattier, more imaginative, and busier-bodied townspeople. She has a relaxed, thoughtful resting expression that people tend to take for daydreaming. Wears a lot of sweaters and mutters to herself occasionally; spends a lot of free time reading in the woods. For various reasons, she doesn’t have many friends. Deeply introverted.

Her image colour is mineral green. (#3F5D53) Her season is winter.

Petra lives with her middle-aged father, Glynne ei-Ata, on a small ranch removed from the town-proper, at the edge of the dark woods. During the spring and summer months, she works tending to the animals her father captures and helping him tame them. In the autumn, the monsters of the south become more aggressive as they prepare to hibernate, and he turns his attention to taming the animals captured already. During the winter, he searches spends most of his time searching for new clients and carousing. Don’t tell anyone, but his immigration papers are fake.
Alexemia Tenn, Petra’s mother, lives separately from her husband and daughter, and is considered the most popular healer in town. She taught Petra how to collect herbs, and this activity forms the backbone of Petra’s autumn and wintertime schedule. She visits the two at least every other day— a considerable use of time, but one she takes great pleasure in.
Although Alexemia is a native to the town, Glynne was born in the Hill Country in the distant east, beyond the Headwaters and a ways into the desert foothills. The two met and were married outside of town on Alexemia’s third journey. Alexemia’s popularity with the townspeople combined with their suspicious attitude towards Hills people eventually led to the father and daughter moving to the edge of town— their current residence. The move was not entirely without merit, though; Glynne was able to return to hunting and taming (his regular profession) and Petra, who preferred quiet spaces, was relieved to be away from the city’s noise. And bees. (Why are there so many goddamn bees?!)
Petra has received a fair number of suitors from the Orrica Ata’s upper-middle-class families in spite of her off-main location and personality— mainly unattached first-sons who are themselves under pressure to marry, that their parents may enjoy greater mobility in the town’s social circles and government, in addition to the status associated with having a talented healer in the family.

Most of the stock kept on the ranch are keythongs, a mid-sized chimaera cat with an eagle’s head, just a short ways on the far side of the divide between ‘wild animals’ and ‘monsters’. The males have wings. All of them are mercurial and hungry, even the babies. Especially the babies.
In spite of their strong beaks and sharp claws, they aren’t exceptionally aggressive unless threatened or hungry, or they’re playful, or they’re in a bad mood, or you’re inside their personal space. They’re mercurial and intelligent, and although they can be made friendly (sic: ambivalent) to the company of humans and other animals, they are not at all compliant, let alone obedient. Adults can be ridden, but be prepared to go wherever they want to take you. Males might be able to fly with a passenger, but it’ll never be done.

This is what they look like. Sort of.

Petra’s motivation for making her journey is threefold. Growing up listening to her parents’ stories of their travels nurtured her imagination and sense of curiosity— traits which chafed with the relative monotony of Orrica Ata’s fringes. Her mother, having taught her to read, would occasionally provide her with written material— mostly borrowed literature on herbs and medicine (not all of which was comprehensible)— which would sometimes mention far-away places, but without describing them, which made Petra anxious. She also desires to see her father’s home far to the west; a place that he can describe in intimate detail, but in the years since his departure, is having some trouble giving useful directions to. She is willing to take the long route, though, as long as it gets there. Finally, there is a sense of wanderlust that lives in Petra’s brain that defies articulation; it goes beyond simple boredom or curiosity, but is not as convenient as voices in her head commanding her to go. As that ancient king once said, “Well, looks like this is traveling season!”

Petra Tenn

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