Lo Jing

Magical merchant.


Level 3


HP 15/15
MP 19/19

Weapons: A fancy warhammer (axe-type), inherited from an uncle.

Animals: Pomble, a pink mulebird (wingless, feathery avian with four hooves; small pack animal). Carries the party’s communal possessions.

Terrain specialty: Forest

Personal possessions:
Beautiful clothes
Large backpack
Sleeping bag
Wooden utensils
Rations x10
Quill pen
Leather notebook

Possessions for resale:
None currently

Carrying capacity: 6/11

Gold: 340


As a merchant who earns her keep by trading, your communication skills are top notch.
Skill Effect: Negotiation Check [INT + SPI] gets +1, always in effect
Usable Circumstances: Any Negotiation Check

Animal Owner
You have learned how to raise animals that will help you carry your goods. Normally, only one animal can be taken on a Journey for free (without paying their daily food and water costs). With this skill, you can keep more animals without incurring their food and water costs. The animal rules are explained in detail in the Items section.
Skill Effect: You can keep 2 more animals for a total of 3 without paying for their food and water.

When you go shopping, you can buy items cheaply and sell items at a higher price. However, in order to do so, you must buy or sell at least four items of the same type at once. When buying, you must have enough money to buy all the items at their normal price. If you succeed on the check, the price of the items will change. If you fail a check when buying, you cannot cancel the deal: You must buy the goods at full price. There may be times when supplies are short or shop owners refuse to deal with you, and you cannot use this skill. You may not use Trader to sell items in the same
town that you have bought them.
Skill Effect: You may buy items at a reduced price or sell items at an increased value.
Usable Circumstances: When selling/buying 4 or more of the same item
Stat Used: [INT + SPI]
Check Result 6-7 8-9 10-13 14-17 18+
% IPrice Change 10% 20% 40% 60% 80%
When purchasing goods reduce the price by this amount; when selling goods increase the price by this amount.


Alert Bell Alarm
4 MP, 12 hour duration, 10 sqm area, Touch
Causes a magical bell to appear. The bell will sound an alarm if a monster comes within 10 m. The bell cannot be moved. This spell is recommended for new players. Grants +1 on Camp Checks.

Cure Touch
4 MP, Instant, 1 person target, Touch
Heals a wound in an instant. Caster rolls [INT] (1 die) and heals a target’s HP for that amount.


Wake up and Stand Up
2 MP, Instant, 1 Close Area
Anyone sleeping in the area immediately awakens and stands up. Anyone awake but lying down will immediately stand up. This only affects living things with 2 legs.

Emina Nonno
2 MP, 1 day, Touched area
The area touched will be covered with lots of tiny flowers. The caster decides the variety of flower. If the flower chosen is appropriate for the area touched, and is cared for, the flowers may last longer than the normal duration.

Cure Plus Plus
2 MP, Instant, 1 person, Touch
This is cast at the same time as Cure Touch (only one Magic Check required) and makes that magic stronger. Add 1d6 to the effect of Cure Touch. This spell may not be cast separately.

A Little Beauty
4 MP, 1 day, 1 person, Touch
RITUAL: The target’s hairstyle and hair color are changed, and makeup is applied to fit a desired image. This hairstyle and makeup will not change until the end of the spell’s duration. This spell cannot actually change a person’s features.


Jing is 22 years old (though he usually claims 30), hailing from a sleepy little hamlet far to the west where absolutely nothing ever happened. That was reason enough for him to strike out on a quest for fun, fame, and fortune, and he doesn’t plan on ever going back.

Personality: Cheerful, outgoing, kind of a show-off. Jing was a big fish in a small pond, and considers himself a big fish everywhere else as well. When talking to customers, he makes his homeland out to have been vastly more exciting than he thinks it is. He loves beautiful things and interesting stories, and is secretly a generous soul, which he tries to keep out of his public reputation.

Appearance: Long black hair, glasses, dark eyes. Cultivates an academic, older-than-he-really-is sort of style because it’s good for business. His image color is cyan.

Personal item: A broad, pale blue girdle of private religious significance, worn at all times. He only covers it on especially dusty roads, and if asked, will only say that it marks him a priest of his faith.

Lo Jing

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